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Marvel has announced a deal with Netflix to produce 4 original TV series based on the Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist to be shot in New York City! 
Will You Be Ready 4 Action? Get Ready!

Do You Have What It Takes to become an Action Star? What about Performing Your Own Fight Scenes?

The Actors in these Mega Block Buster Action/SciFi Films all have one thing in common; they Trained to perform their Own Fight Scenes!
3Desire * Dedication * Determination These are the attributes you must encompass and add to Hard Work and Quality Training  if you want to excel in the Action Genre! Add the 3D's to your Arsenal and you will be an Action Star in the making! Take a look below at some Hollywood Behind the Scenes Action and hear what the Action Stars from some of your favorite Action Films had to say about their Training!

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